Winning Super Bowl Snacks

Denver Party Tray Kick off the big game with some serious Super Bowl snacks! These tasty and crowd-pleasing munchies are ready to handle hungry football fans. Whichever team you’re rooting for on game day, we’ve got snack time covered.

1) Party Trays

These trays are chock-full with over two pounds of buffalo peanuts, hickory smoked almonds, chocolate foil footballs, ranch toasted corn nuts, mini chocolate pretzels and M&M’s in each teams’ colors. A festive addition to your snack table, this party tray can satisfy sweet, savory, and salty cravings!

2) Mix of Champions

Get ready for a touchdown snack with our Mix of Champions. This irresistible assortment features a crunchy mix of our hickory smoked almonds, edamame, salted macadamia nuts, chili bits, buffalo peanuts, and cheddar sesame sticks. Let your competitive spirit run wild as you chow down on this incredible combination of salty snacks.

3) Parmesan Cheese Sticks

Crunch and munch your way to cheesy sourdough bliss with these melting parmesan cheese sticks. These sourdough sticks are baked with layer upon layer of creamy parmesan cheese, butter and herbs, earning a top spot on our list of Super Bowl snacks. Don’t be surprised when these cheesy sticks are gone before the halftime show!

4) Garlic Bagel Chips

Our garlic bagel chips are ready to tackle some tastebuds. The perfect combination of crispy and crunchy, these bite-sized bagel chips have just the right amount of garlic seasoning. Once these garlic bagel chips hit your coffee table, you’ll see why we call them a winning snack. They’re great as a snack right out of the bag or served with your favorite chip dips.

Ultimate Peppah Snacker 5) Ultimate Peppah Snacker

Our ultimate peppah snacker is the ultimate match for game day’s adrenaline rush! This tantalizing mix is loaded with hot and spicy flavor from our Southern heat mix, Cajun peanuts, and fried green peas, and a burst of sweetness from sugar toasted peanuts. This fired-up snacker will be a huge hit at any Super Bowl party!

What winning snacks will you serve during Super Bowl XLVIII?


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