Yummy Pretzels for National Pretzel Month

October means many things — fall, Halloween, candy corn, pumpkins, apples, and more. But did you know it also means pretzels? That’s right — October is National Pretzel Month! We decided to celebrate it today by highlighting some of our favorite pretzel products.

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Let’s start with an indulgent classic: chocolate covered pretzels. This perfect combination of salty and sweet will have your taste buds singing after the first bite. We have milk chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate covered pretzels, sugar free chocolate covered pretzels, and more!

2. Yogurt Covered Pretzels

These yummy treats mix salty pretzels with a rich yogurt coating, creating a wonderful snack. We carry them in a variety of flavors: regular, Greek, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, and more.

3. Uncoated Pretzels

Dipped pretzels are great, but there’s something to be said for the purely delicious flavor of a plain pretzel. Here are just a few we have in stock: whole wheat pretzels, oat bran pretzels, mini pretzels, and Dutch pretzels.

4. Pretzel Mix

If you can’t make up your mind on which pretzel you love the most, don’t worry! We have a whole snack mix dedicated to pretzels. It includes our peanut butter filled pretzels, butter braided pretzels, chocolate pretzel grahams, and more.

 What’s your favorite pretzel product? Make sure to let us know!

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