Candy Calculator 101 Wrap-Up

A big thank you to everyone that watched the Google+ Hangout: Candy Calculator 101 yesterday! We were very excited to share with you exactly how our new tool works, and tips for putting together the perfect candy buffet. The video is now available here for your viewing pleasure:

And thank you to everyone that shared one new thing they learned from the Hangout yesterday using the hashtag #candy101 via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The random winner of 1 pound of Jordan almonds is Kathy (@mkjmc on Twitter), who said “Take the container either in oz or size and they will tell you how much to buy.  Wish I had known just did one for daughter.” Congrats, Kathy! Please send your address and favorite candy color to

For a quick recap, here are some tips and tricks for putting together a beautifully organized candy buffet:

  • Containers:

    • Budget between ⅓ of a pound and ½ of a pound of candy per person

    • Elevate containers to create a 3 dimensional display

    • Find containers at dollar stores, party supply stores, or borrow from a friend

  • Candy:

    • Consider themes or colors for your event (e.g., blue baby shower for a boy)

    • Add scoops or spoons to candy bowls

    • Label the treats, particularly if any contain nuts, for guests with allergies

  • Table:

    • For a small table, consider 5 or so items

    • For a large table, you may need closer to 10 items

    • Consider filling the table with decorations such as fresh flowers, candles, etc.

  • Centerpieces

    • Make sure centerpieces are low enough for guests to talk to one another

    • Placing different candies at different tables encourages mingling and variety

For more inspiration on putting together a beautiful candy buffet, browse our wide selection of wedding candy, candy favors, candy-by-color, or candy-by-theme.

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