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Take a Dip in Dark Chocolate Almonds

Our dark chocolate almonds are a smooth, rich treat that can soothe any craving for sweets. But did you know these tasty treasures offer all kinds of benefits, in addition to being delicious? It’s true!

Almonds are an amazing source of all kinds of essential nutrients. One ounce of roasted almonds offers about six grams of protein and about three grams of fiber. Though, like almost all nuts, almonds contain a fair amount of fat, about 64 percent of that fat is monounsaturated, which can help lower cholesterol levels. In fact, almonds are the leading source of monounsaturated fat among America’s most consumed nuts. This super nut is also a fabulous source of zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, so munch away!

Luscious dark chocolate is more than just a special sweet. It contains powerful antioxidants that can lower mildly high blood pressure and battle your risk of heart disease. A little goes a long way, which is why our dark chocolate almonds are so fabulous. They give you just the dose you need, without going overboard.

These almonds are tasty enough to munch as a snack or serve at a special event, such as at a party or in wedding favors. They’re also downright delicious when mixed into trail mix or used to decorate cakes and cookies.

If you’d like to give this treat a whirl, but don’t want to buy a whole bag, never fear! They are available in a sweet little sample size for just $2.50. We also offer our dark chocolate almonds in several sampler packs, including the Premium Sampler Pack, the Indulgent Sampler Pack and the Heart Healthy Sampler Pack.

6 Responses to “Take a Dip in Dark Chocolate Almonds”

  1. Jim Williams

    Just curious. Kroger grocery has a candy tower located off the main front entry that has various nut and candy sweets of which dark chocolate covered almonds are among the selection. They are the hottest item on the stand and sell out and have to be restocked every two or three days.

    I am a big fan and purchase generally a pound every other visit. Their price is $3.47/lb. My question is why yours are so much more expensive? They look the same and, although I have never tasted your product, I assume they are most similar in that arena. I can understand markups but a 100% over an item that makes money for the grocery chain places your almonds in a category of their own.

    I love nuts and, in particular chocolate covered. If there is a specific reason to justify the difference in cost I am interested.

    Thank you and look forward to a reply,,


    • The Nutty Scoop

      Hi there, Jim! The price on our chocolate covered almonds has everything to do with quality. It’s similar to other confections, such as chocolate bars: A Godiva chocolate bar may look like a Hershey bar, for example, but it certainly doesn’t taste or cost the same. Thousands of companies make dark chocolate covered almonds, but the almonds that we currently offer are a premium variety that we’ve found to be some of the highest-quality (and tastiest) chocolate almonds around! We actually used to carry a variety of dark chocolate covered almonds that was similar in price and quality to those found in most supermarkets, but we switched to a premium brand when we found that our customers preferred the higher-quality product. These new dark chocolate covered almonds are one of our best sellers, so we think most customers would agree that they’re worth the extra! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your question, Jim! We always love to hear feedback from customers and potential customers. If you’d like any other information about our dark chocolate covered almonds (or any other product, for that matter), please feel free to contact us directly at CustomerService@NutsOnline.com. Have a sweet day!

  2. miguel

    Does sugar free mean other sweetener? aspartame splenda stevia??? or NO weetener at all???

    • The Nutty Scoop

      Hi, Miguel! It really depends on the product. In the case of our sugar-free dark chocolate covered almonds, they are coated in a sugar-free semisweet chocolate, which contains maltitol. The ingredients in each of our products are listed on the lefthand side of the product pages, so you can check them out before placing an order!

  3. Amy

    What percent cacao is your dark chocolate? My husband and I try to stay away from sugar (including substitutes like malitol). We get away with chocolate by purchasing products that have a high amount of cacao.


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