4 Peach Products to Celebrate National Peach Month

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? That’s right –there’s a whole month devoted to appreciating one of nature’s tastiest fruits. Is there anything better than that juicy, tangy, sweet flavor? We think not!

1. Dried Peaches

These moist dried peaches don’t lose any of that flavor that makes peaches so yummy. This treat is straight from California, and we challenge you to find a better-tasting dried peach. In addition to eating them as a snack, you can also cook with them! Check out this apricot and peach fried pies recipe for a special treat.

2. Peach Butter

Spread a little summer on your morning toast with our peach butter. This delectable spread is homemade, and it has no sugar added. This peach butter isn’t just for toast; it tastes great on waffles and pancakes, too.

3. Peaches & Cream Coffee

Need something to go with your peach buttered toast in the morning? This peaches and cream coffee would be a splendid complement. Bonus: you can even select your preferred caffeine amount and grind size. Waking up has never been so enjoyable!

4. Glace Peaches

These jumbo glace peaches come from Australia and are blended with just the right amount of pure Australian cane sugar syrup. You can eat these as a snack by themselves (yum!), or you can incorporate them into a recipe, such as this baked ham with a peach glaze recipe.

Which one of these peach products sounds good to you? How have you celebrated National Peach Month so far?


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