Top 5 Sugar-Free Candy Treats For Your Sweet Tooth

We all love indulging in chocolate and sweets, but many of us need to keep a cautious eye on our sugar intake. Whether you’re regulating your sugar glucose levels, or just watching your waistline, we offer many classic favorites in our line of sugar-free candy. Here are five of our favorite sweet tooth fixes – they’re 100% diabetic-friendly. We promise – you won’t miss the sugar!

1) Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Our sugar-free dark chocolate covered espresso beans will give your taste buds the ultimate wake-up call. This no-sugar sweet features hand picked estate Arabica espresso beans smothered in sugar-free chocolate decadence. Not only do they serve as a great mid-morning pick-me-up; these are sure to satisfy both your caffeine and sweet cravings.

2) Gummy Bears

What’s cute, squishy, fruity, chewy and just plain fun? That would be our sugar-free gummy bears! It’s the same classic candy you loved growing up, now in sugar-free form. These yummy little cuties come in the original colors and flavors of the classic gummy bears, and will make you feel just like a kid again.

3) Salt Water Taffy

This next fan-favorite is none other than our sugar-free salt water taffy! An old-fashioned confection, you might recall buying these chewy treats from a local candy store in your neighborhood. Our sugar-free Taffy Lite water taffy come in a colorful mix of fruity flavors such as blue-raspberry, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, orange, and vanilla.

4) Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

For all the chocolate lovers out there, our old-fashioned sugar-free fudge is a real treat. Indulge yourself with the creamy, decadent taste of classic milk chocolate fudge. Now you can enjoy your favorite sugar-free chocolate treat without the guilt. Sugar-free chocolate is simply divine!

5) Licorice

There is nothing quite like the distinct taste of licorice. Whether you prefer the black kind or the red, our sugar free licorice options include cute black licorice bears or red licorice Scottish terriers!

To find more of your favorite no-sugar candies and other treats, check out our entire sugar-free candy selection.

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