4 Scary Halloween Party Foods

Halloween is almost here! Time to get out all your pots, pans, and mixing bowls to create your scariest Halloween party foods yet. Whether you’re having a party or making treats to pass out or send to school, we’ve found the best recipes for you to try. They’re sure to be a spooktacular hit!

1. Beastly Brownies

Use these ideas to turn chocolatey goodness into hair-raising treats. To make these graveyard brownies, you’ll need ingredients like chocolate covered graham crackers, mini chocolate chips, and Oreos. Or, you can make these spooky brownies by Betty Crocker. For these, you’ll need large marshmallows, gummy worms, black baking bits, and other tasty ingredients.

2. Petrifying Pretzels

Pretzel sticks are very versatile and can be used to make a variety of spine-chilling snacks. You can make a witch-on-a-stick with white chocolate chips, green food coloring, coconut flakes, and Hershey’s kisses. Or you can make spooky fingers with white chocolate chips, pretzel rods, and raw pumpkin seeds!

3. Bloodcurdling Bites

Peanut butter balls, cookie balls, cake balls…the possibilities are endless. For example, you can make these mummy cookie balls using white chocolate chips, Oreos, and cream cheese. Or, you can make these bloodshot peanut butter eyeballs. For these, you’ll need peanut butter, black icing, and red food coloring.

4. Chilling Cupcakes

Turn your ordinary cupcakes into frightful goodies. You can make a tentacle alien cupcake with green food coloring, green taffy, yellow gumdrops, and black licorice. Or you can make these creepy spiders! You’ll need black sanding sugar, cinnamon candies, and black licorice. If you’re following a gluten-free diet, try out our gluten free vanilla cake mix.

What’s your favorite frightful Halloween party food? 

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