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Gluten-Free Halloween Treats We Love

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, we’re on the lookout for fun, healthy, and easy-to-make gluten-free Halloween treats. We turned to some of our favorite gluten-free bloggers and recipe developers for inspiration. These 100% gluten-free-friendly, festive treats are appropriate for any spooky celebration, and you can even get the kids to help out!

Gluten-Free Halloween Cupcakes

Carol’s easy-to-follow recipe for gluten-free Halloween cupcakes on her blog Simply Gluten-Free makes a delightful batch of treats your kids will love to decorate! To make things simple, start with a gluten-free cake mix. Once your cupcakes have been removed from the oven and left to cool, the little ones can join in. We love how creative Carol is with her adorable vampire, spiderweb and cat cupcakes! You can even add candies like gummy pumpkins.

Kid DIY Banana Mummies

These creative and cute frozen banana mummies from Lexie’s Kitchen are fun to make, adore and eat. The candy coating on these yummy mummies is made from a mixture of antioxidant-rich cocoa butter and unrefined coconut sugar, blended from evaporated cane juice and tapioca starch. Let your kiddos help you drizzle the candy coating on skewered bananas, and then add their own chocolate chips, M&M’s, or raisins for the eyes!

Caramel Corn Balls

Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free re-creates a festive fall favorite in her gluten-free adaptation of caramel corn balls. She uses popcorn, honey and blackstrap molasses in these easy-to-make treats, which are naturally free of gluten and refined sugar. Amy recommends adding sunflower seeds or peanuts for additional crunch. This recipe is also kid-friendly; let the little ones help form the corn into balls once the mixture has cooled.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

The Gluten-Free Goddess truly understands pumpkin, the main ingredient and inspiration for her scrumptious gluten-free pumpkin muffins! Karina’s recipe incorporates a satisfying and nutritious mix of sorghum flour, coconut flour, and almond flour. The comforting flavor of pumpkin is accentuated by spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Karina’s moist, yummy treats are complete with pecan halves but she encourages you to use your own favorite add-ins!

Mint Cocoa Monster [Milkshake]

Lisa of With Style and Grace is convinced your kids won’t know there’s spinach in her mint cocoa monster, or GREEN MONSTER, as she says in her monster voice. Perhaps that’s because the spinach is blended with bananas and almond milk for a lightly sweet taste and big boost of potassium and protein. Peppermint makes this milkshake minty and refreshing, while cocoa powder gives it the ultimate chocolate taste. You’ll agree that Lisa’s recipe is monstrously good!

Pumpkin Seed Power Truffles

Most of us don’t think about using “truffles” and “healthy” in the same sentence but this isn’t the case for the pumpkin seed power truffles recipe developed by Hallie of Daily Bites. Hallie’s truffles boast the antioxidant powers of unsweetened cacao powder, the omega-3 fatty acids of ground flaxseed, and all the protein and nutrients of pumpkin seeds. She adds organic agave nectar and Medjool dates for a little sweetness. Indulging in a few truffles has never been this guilt-free.

What are your favorite gluten-free Halloween treats?

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