5 Charming Gluten Free Cake Recipes

Celebrate National Cake Day with some tried-and-true gluten-free cake recipes! Made with alternative flours, we love that these recipes are grain-free, delicious and easy-to-follow. Happy baking!

1) Tres Leches Cake

This gluten-free tres leches cake tastes just like the classic delectable cake doused with three different kinds of milk. For the cake itself, the recipe uses a combination of sorghum flour and masa harina, a very finely ground corn flour. This blend of gluten-free flours produces a sponge-like cake to soak up the milk. Topped with a whipped cream topping and sliced strawberries, this tres leches cake is undeniably satisfying.

2) Chocolate Toffee Cupcakes

Chocolate and toffee is one of those mouthwatering concoctions we can’t get enough of, which is why we love this recipe from Gluten Free Canteen. The recipe has toffee chips and mini chocolate chips mixed right into the batter for a dreamy flavor combination. The flour blend that Lisa and Tim Canteen use in many of their baked good recipes is an easy blend of gluten free flours that you can prepare at home. We appreciate the simplicity of making these homemade treats, which are sure to impress any guests you have over for a cup of coffee.

3) Coconut “Semolina” Cake

This gluten-free variation on the traditional semolina cake comes from the blog Jeanette’s Healthy Living. Jeanette’s blog is filled with recipes that anyone can enjoy, and many of them are suitable for special diets. In this recipe, the richly-textured cake is prepared using gluten-free corn flour in place of semolina flour. The sweet syrup is made with honey and rose water, and each piece of cake is topped with a blanched almond. Enjoy a slice with a warm cup of tea!

4) Poppy Seed Coffee Cake

We could eat a slice of this poppy seed coffee cake for breakfast, as a snack, and for dessert. Made with gluten-free all purpose flour, the recipe is simple and straightforward. Each moist and delicious bite is bursting with almond flavor and crunchy poppy seeds, which provide a good source of calcium. This is the perfect recipe for a weekend brunch, especially when you dress the coffee cake up with almond icing and sliced almonds.

5) Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

The combination of hazelnut meal, unsweetened cacao powder and dark chocolate will take your taste buds for a twirl in this flourless cake. Perfectly dense and moist, this fudgy treat is flavorful and decadent. The recipe is easy-to-follow and calls for coconut sugar in place of refined sugar. This is a wonderful cake to make for holiday parties, and it will look exquisite dusted with powdered sugar.

What are your favorite gluten-free cake recipes?


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