8 Holiday Treats That Everyone Will Love

‘Tis the season for dreaming of sugar plums, peppermint bark and the holiday treats we hold so dear this time of year. Here are eight of our limited-time holiday snacks and sweets for you to enjoy! For all of our seasonal treats, check here.

1) Chocolate Peppermint Bark

One of those classic holiday treats we look forward to every year, chocolate peppermint bark has become a tradition. Who can resist the mouth-watering slabs of premium dark chocolate and white chocolate with swirls of crushed peppermint candy canes on top? We always like to keep a bag at home during this time of year, and it’s a real crowd-pleaser, too!

2) Yogurt Snowflake Pretzels

These stunning yogurt snowflake pretzels are the perfect treat to put you in a wintry holiday mood. They’re made from snowflake shaped pretzels, generously dipped in a sweet vanilla yogurt coating and studded with lovely sugar crystals. If you enjoy our regular yogurt covered pretzels, we’re sure you’ll be a fan of this holiday treat version.

Yogurt Snowflake Pretzels

3) Christmas Gummy Bears

If you love gummy bears, you’ll love these squishy and adorable Christmas gummy bears. They come in festive colors of red, green and white, as well as delicious fruity flavors. These gummy bears are the sweetest addition to an appetizer table, and also make a wonderful after-dinner treat.

4) Sugar Plums

Soft and sweet, these gummy sugar plums are sparkling with delicate sugar crystals. These make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, and are also delicious to serve with coffee or tea. You can also use them as a cupcake topper; simply press one sugar plum into the frosting to add a lovely touch to your baked treats.

Sugar Plums

5) Peppermint Malted Milk Balls

Love malted milk balls? Love the flavor of peppermint? This unique holiday treat is our classic milk chocolate malted milk balls wrapped in a layer of white chocolate with a kiss of peppermint flavor. The white chocolate layer actually has real pieces of crushed peppermint sticks in it, so your taste buds will be in for a whirlwind of minty goodness.

6) Christmas Pretzels

These are similar to the yogurt snowflake pretzels, but they’re shaped like cute Christmas trees. The sweet vanilla yogurt coating is drizzled with festive red and green frosting. Sure to liven up any Christmas party, these crunchy pretzels are the perfect combination of salty, sweet and holiday cheer.

Christmas Pretzels

7) Ribbon Candy

Take a trip down memory lane with our classic peppermint flavored ribbon candy. This old-fashioned favorite is a holiday treat that any generation will enjoy. Ribbon candy makes a gorgeous addition to any holiday table since it’s just as fun to look at as it is to eat.

8) Oh My! Pecan Pie

If you haven’t tried our signature pecan pie yet, you’re in for a real treat. Our pastry chef bakes these delectable pies in small batches using our premium mammoth-sized pecans so they’re incredibly fresh and delicious. There won’t be any leftovers after your family gets their hands on this incredible pecan pie.

What are your favorite holiday treats? Have you tried any of the ones we mentioned here?

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