5 Classic Comfort Food Recipes Turned Healthy

Comfort food makes us feel good even though it may not always be that good for us. Today we bring you healthy recipes for some of our favorite traditional comfort foods. Each one is delicious, satisfying, and wholesome!

1) Perfectly Crispy Oven Fries

This healthy alternative to restaurant-style french fries is a guilt-free way to indulge in one of America’s favorite foods. Just like the name suggests, these fries will come out of the oven perfectly crispy and ready-to-eat. The recipe calls for coconut oil to lightly coat the potatoes, which you can cut according to your preference for thick or thin fries. Feel free to add a touch of salt and any other seasonings your taste buds desire.

2) Healthier Classic Macaroni Salad

Everyone loves a hearty helping of macaroni salad, and not just at potlucks and barbecues. This healthy twist on a classic comfort food can be served as a side dish alongside any lunch or dinner. Whole wheat elbow macaroni makes this pasta salad a healthy addition to mealtime that delivers a big boost of dietary fiber. It also contains less sugar than the traditional recipe so there is more emphasis on wholesome ingredients like fresh chopped vegetables.

3) Ground Beef and Green Olives Pizza

This healthy and delicious homemade pizza is the perfect way to satisfy your next pizza craving. We love that the recipe incorporates ground beef for a great source of protein, and fennel seeds add a subtle and distinct flavor. Sliced green olives and savory seasonings make fantastic additional toppings. For a fail-proof, do-it-yourself pizza crust that will stand up to any pizzeria, we recommend our easy pizza dough mix.

Green Olives

4) Pasta and Meatballs

Making meatballs from scratch is a great healthy option because you can choose lean meat and select only the ingredients you want to include. This recipe uses panko breadcrumbs to give the meatballs a light texture. Spices like crushed red pepper add a little kick and extra flavor. Using whole wheat pasta of your choice is a healthy alternative to white pasta. This dish will soon become a new family favorite that won’t make you feel guilty about having a second helping.

5) Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Craving chocolate chip cookies but don’t want to feel regretful after? These flourless chocolate chip cookies are made from a combination of healthy alternative ingredients like rolled oats and coconut sugar. Rolled oats are rich in dietary fiber, and coconut sugar is a naturally low-glycemic sweetener. With just a few other ingredients and (of course!) chocolate chips, this recipe makes a small batch of yummy treats to curb any sweet or chocolate craving.

What is your favorite comfort food? Have you tried any recipe modifications to make it healthier?

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