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5 Healthy Foods to Help You Through the Holidays

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Our Health Nut and Registered Dietitian, Molly Morgan, answers our customers’ most pressing health and nutrition questions and recommends her favorite products!

If you’d like Molly to answer one of your questions in a future blog post, please email your question to health@nuts.com. If we feature your question in The Nutty Scoop, we will also send you a pound of your favorite Nuts.com product.

It’s a busy time of year, and we don’t always take time to eat nutritiously. Add these five healthy foods to your eating routine on hand to help your body stay well through the holiday season!

Crystalized ginger

‘Tis the seasons for colds and flu! Did you know that ginger has long been used as a remedy to treat upset stomachs and colds? Boost your immune system this winter by adding crystalized ginger to stir-fry dishes or even mixing it with your favorite nuts!

Peppermint Tea

Keep your tummy happy this holiday season! After meals, brew a cup of peppermint tea to settle your stomach. Did you know that peppermint tea is herbal and caffeine-free?

Chia Seeds

Skate through the holidays without putting on the traditional holiday pounds! Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, which can help to fill you up. In addition, they are hydrophilic which can aid in keeping your body hydrated. Keep a batch of chia seed pudding on hand to grab as a quick, nutritious and hearty snack!

Seven Bean Soup Mix

In a hurry and need quick dinner options? Have soup and sandwiches for dinner! This seven bean soup mix is absolutely delicious and makes the perfect base for a soup to go with your sandwich.

Cacao Nibs

When you’re looking for a chocolate treat this holiday season, keep a stash of cacao nibs on hand. They are made from crushed Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional beans. They are truly a treat. Bonus: they’re nutritious, too, with 5 grams of fiber and 21% of the DV for iron per ounce!

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4 Responses to “5 Healthy Foods to Help You Through the Holidays”

  1. BixsGirl@q.com' Peggy Schmidt

    A good friend of my boyfriend loves Brazil nuts (and I love Filberts) but they are only sold locally during the Christmas season. This year, the only nuts he could find in the stores were chestnuts! So I typed Brazil nuts into a search engine and Nuts.com came up! Based on your high customer ratings and business reputation, we plan to place an order soon.

    • allie@nuts.com' The Nutty Scoop

      Wonderful, Peggy, we’re glad to hear that you found us, and that we can provide you with the brazil nuts (and filberts!) you’re looking for!

  2. graybowe@yahoo.com' Trishie

    I have SLE and get nauseous often. The crystallized ginger and peppermint tea help a lot with nausea. Sometimes I just nibble on the ginger, other times I’ll put it in the peppermint tea or some green tea. Nuts.com is also the first place I found that sells sulfur dioxide-free dried fruit!!! Love you guys!

    • allie@nuts.com' The Nutty Scoop

      Thanks, Trishie! We’re so glad that we can provide what you need to soothe your nausea. Thank you for ordering from us!


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