5 Healthy Meatless Meal Recipes

Calling all you fruit and veggie lovers out there! Here are five great healthy meatless meal recipes for you to cook at home. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, these healthy recipes will be sure to satisfy your appetite.

1. Five-Grain Cereal with Dried Fruit

This cereal recipe makes a large batch, which saves you time in the mornings! Store it in a plastic bag in your freezer to keep it fresh. This vegan cereal combines ingredients such as flax seed, dried apricots, dried apple, banana chips, oat bran, and wheat bran.

2. Ravioli with Tomatoes, White beans, and Escarole

This fantastic ravioli recipe from Health.com uses ingredients such as spinach, navy beans, four-cheese ravioli, dried basil, and oregano. This recipe calls for a can of cooked navy beans, but cooking your own organic navy beans is easy and even more delicious!

3. Veggie Burgers with Mushrooms

This veggie burger recipe from the Food Network is fresh, delicious, and perfect for summer. It combines ingredients like chopped walnuts, mushrooms, carrots, and Worcestershire sauce to give it substance and flavor.

4. Tomato, Squash, and Red Pepper Gratin

Myrecipes.com is responsible for this flavor-packed vegetarian recipe. This dish includes tasty ingredients such as quinoa, eggs, tomato, squash, and red bell pepper—yum! It can be served as a side dish or as an entrée.

5. Barley Risotto with Fennel

This risotto recipe uses fiber-rich whole grains like barley instead of your traditional risotto to make it healthier. This recipe combines fennel seeds, minced garlic, carrots, green beans, and white wine. Count us in!

Which one of these meatless meal recipes sounds the best to you? What vegetarian favorites do you make at home already?

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