Happy (Belated) Chocolate With Almonds Day

Monday was National Chocolate With Almonds Day, and we’re still celebrating over here at Nuts.com. This food holiday combines two of our favorite foods: chocolate and (did you guess it?) almonds! To keep the party going, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite products that combine chocolate and almonds.

1. Chocolate Covered Almonds

This is the most classic chocolate with almonds combination, and ours are mouth-wateringly good. We offer them covered in milk chocolate and in dark chocolate, plus sugar-free and organic versions. Yum!

2. Chocolate Almond Bark

We love this old-time favorite candy so much that we have it in three different flavors: milk chocolate almond bark, dark chocolate almond bark, and white chocolate almond bark.

3. Chocolate Almond Coffee

For a creative take on chocolate with almonds, you can brew up a pot of our chocolate almond coffee. We also carry a chocolate almond fudge coffee and a Swiss chocolate almond coffee. All of these coffees blend hints of almond with the sweet taste of chocolate to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee!

4. Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters

These delicious clusters, also known as Turtles, are made by taking fresh roasted almonds, covering them with caramel, and then smothering the caramel-covered almonds with milk chocolate. If you’re more of a dark chocolate type of person, we have dark chocolate almond clusters, too!

What’s your favorite chocolate and almond combination?

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