5 Kinds of Halloween Candy for Spooky Fun!

Get in the spirit of the spooky season with Halloween candy from Nuts.com. We have everything from cute candies like fall-inspired gummy bears to scary ones like gummy skulls. Be sure to check out all of our Halloween candies!

1) Gummy Pumpkins

These festive gummy pumpkins are a perfect Halloween-themed delight. They’re so fresh, soft, and chewy – just the way gummies should be! We love snacking on them throughout October, and even into November because their fruity flavor is irresistible. Gummy pumpkins are a fun addition to any spooktacular party.

2) Candy Corn

Our nutty family wouldn’t dream of going through Halloween without some candy corn. The quintessential fall candy, it’s just one of those treats we know we’ll be enjoying a lot of this month. This sweet tri-colored confection reminds us that autumn is in the air and it’s time for pumpkins and trick-or-treating.

Candy Corn

3) Halloween Jelly Beans

Taste everything you love about autumn with our delicious Halloween jelly beans! This is a gorgeous mix of black, yellow, and orange jelly beans in the great flavors of black licorice, lemon, and orange. This enticing combination of jelly beans will make any taste buds sing. They also make a fun topping for fall-inspired cupcakes!

4) Halloween Gummy Bears

These Halloween gummy bears are the most adorable Halloween candy ever (shhh… don’t tell the gummy pumpkins!). Soft and squishy, they’re only around this time of year, which makes them ever so special. They come in classic fall colors, and the delicious flavors of black cherry, lemon, and orange. We also have Halloween gummy worms which come in the same colors and flavors; they’re perfect for making dirt pudding cups.

Halloween Gummy Bears

5) Gummy Skulls

Perhaps our scariest candy yet, these gummy skulls are sure to give you a fright! That is until you put one in your mouth and taste the berry goodness. Make sure you leave some out at your Halloween party, along with these freakishly anatomically-correct gummy brains. They also have a yummy berry flavor that little and big zombies alike will love.

What is your favorite kind of Halloween candy? Leave us a comment below.


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