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6 Creative Ways to Use Freeze Dried Fruit

Our nutty family loves snacking on freeze-dried fruit right out of the package, but did you know there are a lot of others ways we enjoy it, as well? We put together a list of creative ways to use freeze dried fruit in baked goods, smoothies, and more!

1) Pancakes

We could eat fluffy pancakes with fruit in the mix every morning! You can always keep freeze-dried fruits on hand to toss into your pancake mix since they have a long shelf life. They add a unique texture and delicious fruity flavor. We personally love making them with freeze-dried strawberries, like this yummy recipe for strawberry shortcake pancakes does!

2) Muffins

Fresh blueberries aren’t always in season so make sure you stock your pantry with freeze-dried blueberries for making muffins. They’re antioxidant-packed and will add delicious bursts of real blueberry flavor to your muffins and baked goods. When baking with freeze-dried fruit, make sure to add at least ¼ cup of extra water or liquid to your recipe because the fruit will soak up excess moisture. Make sure the freeze-dried fruit does not touch the pan while it’s baking in the oven, as this can cause it to turn. The fruit should be nicely folded into the batter.

Freeze-Dried Blueberries

3) Frosting and Decorations

Have you ever thought about crushing your favorite freeze-dried fruit and sprinkling it as a topping over baked treats? Pour freeze-dried fruit into a Ziploc bag and gently crush it into a fine powder. You can sprinkle this powder over cookies and cupcake frosting for gorgeous aesthetic appeal and fruity sweetness. It makes a natural, healthy alternative to sprinkles. Try flavoring ordinary vanilla frosting with crushed freeze-dried mango for a unique tropical twist.

4) Smoothies

The next time you make a fruit smoothie using fresh or frozen fruits, consider adding some freeze-dried fruit in, as well. You can either add the whole pieces or crush them for seamless blending. A small handful of freeze-dried elderberries can really kick up the antioxidant content of your smoothie, or throw in some freeze-dried fruit cocktail for an overall boost of nutrition and flavor.

5) Cereal

If you’re like us, you’re never satisfied with the amount of freeze-dried fruit in cereals you buy from the grocery store. That’s why we like adding in our own freeze-dried strawberries and bananas. We love how they soften in the milk, and deliciously complement the crunchy cereal. You can also add freeze-dried fruit to oatmeal and hot cereals for a naturally sweet and fruity touch.

Freeze Dried Strawberries

6) Yogurt

We lick our lips at the thought of a yogurt parfait layered with granola and fruit. Sometimes using fresh fruit isn’t always practical though. The next time you’re eating your favorite Greek yogurt, add some freeze-dried raspberries, blackberries, cherries, and crunchy granola. We promise you’re in for a real treat!

We hope you learned some new ways to use freeze dried fruit. Leave us a comment below letting us know how you like to eat it.

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  1. Mikheil

    Thank you so much for these great ideas will make sure to use my freeze dried fruit for these they were just sitting in my freezer haha.


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