5 Savory Snacks for Hot and Spicy Food Day

Did you know there’s a whole day dedicated to hot and spicy food? Now you do! It’s August 19, and to make sure you’re prepared to celebrate with us, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite hot and spicy snacks.

1. Spicy Miso Kale Chips

These tangy kale chips aren’t just delicious–they’re healthy, too! Our kale chips are gluten-free, raw, and are loaded with essential vitamins like iron and potassium.

2. Southern Heat Mix

If you want a trail mix that’s packing a punch, try our Southern heat mix. It includes products like peanuts and corn sticks that are perfectly seasoned for heat lovers.

3. Hot Pepper Veggie Chips

Do you love veggie chips as much as we do? Now, with our hot pepper veggie chips, you can eat a snack that’s healthy and deliciously hot!

4. Death by Jerky

Death by Jerky is our hottest beef jerky, and one bite will certainly quench your craving for a fiery snack. Keep a glass of water around when you’re nibbling on this.

5. Wasabi Beans

Nothing quite says “hot and spicy” as well as wasabi. These edamame beans (in a variety of colors) are covered in a wasabi seasoning. These wasabi beans are perfect for all the Japanese food lovers out there!

Which hot and spicy snack will you be eating on Hot and Spicy Food Day?

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