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5 Unique S’mores Treats You Must Try!

August 10th is National S’mores Day so we decided to find s’more ways to celebrate – no campfire required. If you love baking, try some s’mores cupcakes, and if you just want something that’s ready to eat, check out our other s’mores treats!

1) S’mores Cupcakes

If the picture wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, wait until you hear how these cupcakes are made! The cupcakes have a perfect graham cracker crust at the bottom made from graham cracker crumbs. The chocolate cupcakes are made with real cocoa powder and are topped with a delicious toasted marshmallow frosting. Baking up a batch of these unique treats is such a fun way to celebrate National S’mores Day! They look fantastic, too.

2) S’mores Treats

These s’mores treats are one of the best sweets we’ve tried! Soft and fluffy marshmallow is generously coated in smooth milk chocolate and then rolled in graham cracker crumbles. There’s no mess involved, no campfire required, and you can enjoy these s’mores treats anytime and anywhere. You’ll love cherishing the three incredible components of s’mores as these treats melt in your mouth. Serve these with a tall glass of milk and you’re all set!

Smores Treats

3) S’mores Snack Mix

If you crave the taste of s’mores randomly throughout the week, our s’mores snack mix is a great solution. This is a sweet and crunchy combination of graham crackers and cookies, milk chocolate chips, s’mores covered marshmallows, yogurt covered graham crackers, and more. The chocolate and marshmallows add the perfect amount of yummy, while graham crackers bring everything together for a classic s’mores taste. This will soon be one of your new favorite ways to enjoy the flavors of s’mores!

Smores snack mix

4) Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers

Want a quick s’mores treat? Our milk chocolate graham crackers are two-thirds of the way to enjoying classic campfire s’mores. These are crunchy honey graham crackers smothered in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. If you want, you can enjoy them with some marshmallows, but they’re also a great snack on their own. For those that prefer a rich chocolate flavor, we also have dark chocolate graham crackers.

milk chocolate graham crackers

5) Graham Cracker Cookie Gems

Is it a cookie or a graham cracker? We’re not really sure but these yummy graham cracker cookie gems are the best of both worlds. These are a great easy snack for kids, although we have to admit that grown ups love them, too! They’re ready to snack on straight out of the bag but if you want a s’mores treat, try them in a homemade trail mix with chocolate chips and marshmallow bits.

Graham Cracker Cookie Gems

Which of these s’mores treats look the best to you?


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  1. Margaret McGee

    The smores cupcakes look DIVINE!!! Would love a recipe, if not ,I/m goin’ out on my own!


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