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6 Mouthwatering Watermelon Candy Treats

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day so we’re celebrating this summertime fruit with some watermelon candy! From fruit slices that look just like real watermelons, to salt water taffy bursting with delectable melon flavor, we absolutely love these sweet and fruity treats.

1) Watermelon Fruit Slices

These mouthwatering watermelon fruit slices are bursting with luscious watermelon flavor. They look just like real watermelon slices and are a surefire way to satisfy a sweet tooth. These soft fruit slices are coated in a thin layer of sugar crystals for a truly delicious treat.

2) Sour Patch Green Rind Watermelon

Sour on the outside, and sweet on the inside, these Sour Patch watermelon candies are incredible. They’re mini watermelon look-alikes that have a complimentary sweet and tangy taste. After popping this watermelon candy into your mouth, you’ll agree it’s one of the best Sour Patch candies!

Sour Patch Watermelon

3) Watermelon Gummy Bears

Watermelon isn’t a classic flavor for gummy candies, but it definitely should be! These adorable gummy bears have a delectable watermelon flavor. They have a gorgeous color too. They make the perfect addition to candy buffets, centerpieces, favors, and of course, just for snacking on!

4) Jelly Belly Watermelon

It’s no wonder Jelly Belly watermelon is one of the most popular jelly bean flavors. The watermelon taste is perfectly sweet and we love that the candy-coated exterior is dark green, while the inside gummy candy is a reddish-pink. The colors are true to a real watermelon and we’re certain this will remain a favorite Jelly Belly flavor for a very long time.

Jelly Belly Watermelon

5) Watermelon Drops

These incredible sanded watermelon drops are a delicious hard candy with a sweet and tangy watermelon flavor. These are great to enjoy after a meal. Bring them along to picnics, barbecues, and all your outdoor summer celebrations. Everyone will love the taste of these yummy watermelon drops.

6) Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

Watermelon salt water taffy is an old-fashioned treat that will remind you of strolling along the boardwalk. These fun salt water taffies are green on the outside and pink in the middle. Chewy and delicious, watermelon salt water taffy is a delight for kids and grown ups alike. Feel free to chow down on these delicious treats!

Watermelon Salt Water Taffy What is your favorite watermelon candy?


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