Add a Little Spice to Your Snacks

Even when it’s hot outside, we love to kick up our snacks with a little spice. Spicy nuts are just the thing to provide a bit of delicious heat to your snacking routine. We have many different varieties of spicy nuts from which to choose, and they’re all simply scrumptious!

If you love peanuts, you’re in luck! Our spicy peanuts are the best we’ve ever tasted. They’re all so fresh and delicious that it’s downright impossible for us to choose a favorite! Cajun peanuts and Cajun roasted peanuts both contain the perfect amount of hot Cajun seasoning. Sing Bhujia, also known as masala peanuts, are a traditional, spicy Indian treat made with graham flour and mango powder. Buffalo peanuts are perfect for those who enjoy the the sweet and spicy flavor of buffalo chicken wing sauce. Wasabi peanuts are definitely one of our hottest items, with a kick that’ll knock your socks off.

When it comes to spicy nuts, we don’t stop with peanuts. We also offer a fantastic array of spicy pistachios that you’re sure to love. Habanero pistachios are the best-tasting, hottest pistachios we have ever tasted. Chili lemon pistachios are a bit milder, with a refreshing lemon flavor. Sweet and spicy chipotle pistachios are coated in a trio of red chilies, with a kick of cumin and other seasonings. This rich, spicy snack is soaked overnight, activating enzymes that allow the nuts to be more easily digested. Delicious!

If you can’t get enough, we suggest you sample our special wasabi cashews and spicy BBQ soy beans. They’re the perfect spicy nuts to top off a delicious snack!

What are some of your favorite spicy nuts from

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