Are You Ready for New Year’s?

We hope all our nutty fans had a fantastic Christmas, packed with family fun and delicious treats! There’s one more holiday coming up to round out this holiday season: New Year’s! Some people always plan rockin’ New Year’s Eve bashes, and others have brunches and open houses on New Year’s Day. However, both of these occasions call for some yummy food! Our recipes section offers up a huge selection of delicious (and somewhat nutritious) dishes that are just perfect for a holiday get-together.

We love to serve a menu of appetizers at our New Year’s event, and our collection of appetizer recipes contains some great ideas. Here are five of our favorites:

1) Fava Bean Dip: This creamy, galicky dip has a hint of mint and pairs perfectly with pita bread, crackers, and even grilled shrimp or kabobs. Plus, it contains the fiber-packed deliciousness of fava beans!

2) Toasted Walnut Hummus: If you like rich and nutty treats, toasted walnut hummus is definitely the way to go. This hummus gets its toasty flavor from raw walnuts and walnut oil. A touch of orange zest and orange juice gives it a citrusy zing. It’s delicious with whole-grain crackers and raw veggies!

3) Chickpea Fritters: These gluten-free fritters are a rich and savory treat. Made with chickpea flour, the fritters are flavored with ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes and black olives. You may need to triple or even quadruple this recipe, because these fritters won’t last long!

4) Cheese Log: A cheese log is a classic party treat. Try our flavorful recipe for a cheese log, which is rolled in pecan meal to give it a little extra nutty flavor! Serve this cheese log with buttery crackers, apple slices and celery sticks.

5) Brie Stuffed Figs: When we have a party we have to include at least on decadent dish, and brie stuffed figs with fresh rosemary fit the bill! You simply slice open a batch of sweet and tender Turkish figs, fill them with a mixture of brie, black pepper and rosemary, and bake them in the oven until they’re warm and melty. They are out of this world!

What are some of your favorite New Year’s recipes?

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