Celebrate Peanut Butter!

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Hi there! Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day, but since every day is National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day around here, we thought we’d share one of our favorite peanut buttery recipes! These frozen pops are rich and delicious, the perfect treat for a special dessert or snack.

To start, pour 2 cups of regular, almond or soy milk into a bowl. Whisk in 3/4 cup of your favorite smooth peanut butter. You could use unsweetened organic peanut butter, or kick up the recipe with one of our varieties of gourmet peanut butter. We especially love using organic dark chocolate peanut butter¬†and caramel peanut butter in this recipe. If you’re using unsweetened peanut butter, you may also want to add a small amount of sweetener to the mixture. Stir the mixture until it’s smooth, then cover the bowl and refrigerate it for two to three hours.

Divide the ice pop mixture evenly among eight to 10 popsicle molds, and slide the molds into the freezer. Freeze the ice pops for at least four hours, or until they’re frozen solid. They’re delicious as-is, or dunked in melted dark chocolate wafers. If you choose to coat the frozen pops in chocolate, dip them in the melted dark chocolate wafers, then place the coated ice pops on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and put them back in the freezer for at least an hour.

If you or someone you love is allergic to peanuts, don’t fret! These ice pops are also fantastic when made with cashew butter, almond butter or sunflower butter. Try different types of nut butters until you find the variety you like best!

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