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Shake Up Your Snacktime

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We love to shake up our usual snack routine by including delicious dried fruits, as well as fruit and veggie chips. These treats are great on the go, making them wonderful for road trips, after-school treats or a quick afternoon pick-me-up at the office. Here are five of our favorite fruit and veggie snacks:

1) Banana Crisps: These super-crispy, thin-sliced banana chips are simply delicious! Banana crisps are fabulous in homemade granola, trail mix, cereal or yogurt, Of course, we’ve been known to eat them by the handful, as well!

2) Dried Strawberries: Dried strawberries are one of our best-selling varieties of dried fruit. Maybe it’s their sweet flavor or their berry-licious consistency, but either way, we can’t get enough of them, either! They’re the perfect alternative to candy or fruit snacks.

3) Dried Mango: In the wintertime, we long for a taste of something tropical. Dried mango certainly fits the bill! Our sunshiny-sweet dried mango is a vacation for your taste buds. Try some of this slightly chewy treat for a taste of the tropics.

4) Plantain Chips: In South America and Mexico, plantain chips are as popular as potato chips are in the United States. These crispy, crunchy chips are slightly sweet and slightly salty. We love to pair plantain chips with a ham sandwich or PB&J at lunchtime, and they’re also fantastic crumbled on top of salads. Watch out, because you won’t want to stop eating this amazing snack!

5) Veggie Chips: Of course, this list would never be complete without veggie chips. We love this quirky mix of green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and taro. Veggie chips pair well with just about any sandwich, soup, salad or dip, and we wouldn’t think of hitting the road without at least one container.

What are some of your favorite snacks?

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