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Chocolate Mint On Our Minds

Of all the flavor pairs that were meant to be, chocolate mint is way up there. There’s something about the combination of smooth chocolate and refreshing mint that makes us swoon every time. If you’re as crazy about chocolate mint as we are, you’re sure to love these popular items.

1) Mini Mint Chocolate Chips

These mini mint chocolate chips are so cute we can’t stop staring at them, let alone eating them. These tasty chips have that same cool minty flavor that we love in mint chocolate chip ice cream. In fact, these mint chips would be splendid sprinkled over a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. We like to snack on them, but you can also bake them into cupcakes and cookies.

2) Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If you think our chocolate covered espresso beans are good, wait until you try this chocolate mint variation. The finest hand-picked estate Arabica espresso beans are generously covered in a delectable mint chocolate coating. The outer layer even has little bits of ground coffee mixed in for an extra caffeine kick. You won’t mind waking up in the morning for a handful of these minty green gems.


3) Mint Cookies Malted Milk Balls

Who can resist the classic taste of delicious milk chocolate malted milk balls? As it turns out, it’s even harder to resist them when they’re covered in a minty chocolate coating. That’s right! These malted milk balls have both a milk chocolate layer, and another mint chocolate layer on top of that. They’re irresistibly delicious and will soon become one of your favorite chocolate mint treats.

4) Junior Mint Minis

Our Junior Mints are a classic movie theater treat, although we like to find any excuse to eat them! If you’re a fan of the regular Junior Mints, this miniature version is sure to be a hit. This old-time candy has a creamy mint center wrapped in a luxurious coating of rich dark chocolate. These mini mints are the perfect size for tossing into your mouth by the handful, or sprinkling over ice cream and frozen yogurt.


5) Chocolate Mint Coffee

At Nuts.com, we’re a big fan of flavored coffees, so it’s no surprise that we fell head-over-heels for this chocolate mint coffee. Our deluxe house coffee beans are freshly roasted with the delicious flavors of smooth milk chocolate and cool mint. All of our coffees, including this minty one, are available in both regular and decaffeinated. You can also choose from six available grind sizes, including whole beans.

What are your favorite chocolate mint treats?

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