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Energizing Maca Powder Recipes

Maca Powder Maca powder offers a wealth of energizing health benefits, but what are some ways to incorporate this superfood into your everyday diet? Here are a handful of our favorite maca powder recipes to boost your energy levels, relieve stress, and support your overall health and well-being.

Chia Pudding with Maca

This chia pudding with maca recipe is an incredibly nutritious and delicious way to start your day! The subtle, sweet taste of maca powder blends in seamlessly with the pudding. Chia seeds add a nice texture, and a big boost of Omega-3 essential fatty acids to your diet. Try a combination of almond butter and almond milk for healthy monounsaturated fats and protein, to stave off mid-morning hunger pangs. For breakfast, top the chia pudding off with fresh strawberries!


We love this recipe for maca-macaroons because it makes some of the healthiest and yummiest cookies you’ll ever encounter. Made from only natural ingredients, these macaroons are also incredibly easy to make – with no cooking required! To form the cookie dough, the recipe combines and grinds all the ingredients, like raw Brazil nuts, shredded coconut, maca powder, and Medjool dates, in a food processor. At this point, the dough is formed into balls, rolled in extra coconut, and flattened. Just like that, they’re ready to eat!

Cacao Drink

Rich and dreamy, this cacao drink is the ultimate treat for any chocolate lover and health nut. This delectable drink is loaded with protein from hemp seeds and antioxidants from real cacao nibs and cacao powder. The mood-boosting effects of maca powder and cacao will have you smiling your way through the day. The fact that this delicious chocolate drink is also incredibly healthy is definitely worth smiling about, too!

Banana Bread Energy Bites

Do you ever crave that scrumptious banana bread flavor without all the calories? These banana bread energy bites are made from bananas, maca powder, and almonds to re-create the flavors of a freshly-baked loaf of banana bread. These treats are yummy and satisfying, and easy to bring on-the-go when you need a quick snack. You can even roll these energy bites in chia seeds or goji berries for a burst of even more superfood nutrients!

Chocolate Maca Raspberry Smoothie

Perhaps one of the easiest and most popular uses of maca powder is to blend it into a smoothie. This chocolate maca raspberry smoothie is a charming combination of fruity cocoa bliss to delight your taste buds! As you kick back to enjoy this refreshing smoothie, you’ll be happy to know that ingredients like maca powder, coconut oil, and raspberries are working hard to keep your immune system strong.

What are your favorite maca powder recipes?


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