5 Valentine’s Day Treats

conversation hearts We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all the love in your life. That can mean showing anyone you love — your family, friends, significant other — your appreciation. It can also mean indulging in some sweet Valentine’s Day treats yourself. How often do you shower yourself with love and appreciation? Probably not as often as you should. Use this Valentine’s Day to not only spoil those you love… but also to spoil yourself a little, too!

Lovely Valentine’s Day Treats

1. Conversation Hearts

Now these should take you back. Don’t you remember snacking on these conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day when you were in grade school? This classic candy is a 3 for 1 deal. They will shower you with compliments, bring back all those memories, and please your tastebuds. Need we say more?

2. Aphrodisiac Mix

Our aphrodisiac mix was specifically designed to put you in the mood…for snacking. This mix will give you an abundance of energy, and it’s also insanely delicious. The mix consists of dark chocolate covered strawberries, milk chocolate covered bananas, banana chips, raw almonds, papaya, sour cherries, and dried strawberries.

3. Chocolate Hearts

Want a special chocolate treat for Valentine’s Day? Our decadent milk chocolate hearts will have your heart singing! These candies are individually wrapped, so you could potentially spread the love and pass them out to your coworkers. (Though they’re so good you might want to keep them all to yourself.)

4. Dessert Truffles

If you’re looking for something truly special, sample our dessert truffles. Inside, you’ll find eight mouth-watering assorted flavors such as dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate champagne, dark chocolate grand mariner, tiramisu, and more. You’ll take one look at these truffles and fall in love– not to mention how enamored you’ll feel after you taste one.

gummy hearts 5. Gummy Hearts

Do you prefer fruit-flavored candy to chocolate? These red and pink gummy hearts are for you. These are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but they look great and festive, too. You can use them as a Valentine’s Day decoration by putting them in a glass vase.

Which of these Valentine’s Day treats are you longing for?

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