Give a Nutty Gift This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up June 17! This holiday is so close to our hearts because has been a family business from the very beginning. We started out as a nut shop founded in 1929 by Poppy Sol, our beloved grandfather. These days, Jeffrey heads up the business with help from his cousin David, his father Kenny and his uncle (and David’s father) Sandy. This Father’s Day is even more special than usual because David became a father himself earlier this year!

We know that your dad is as special to you as our family is to us, and we’re proud to offer a high-quality selection of Father’s Day gifts. They’re a great way to give your pops a little “thank you” for all the special things he’s done and sacrifices he’s made for you over the years.

You can check out our full selection of Father’s Day gifts on We have some truly nutty and unique presents that your dad is sure to love! Here are some of our favorite gifts to give (and receive) on Father’s Day:

  • Hole in One Gift Basket: This metal bucket of treats is perfect for the golfer in your life! It’s packed with pounds of snacks, such as Cajun peanuts, veggie chips and dried strawberries. However, the Hole in One Gift Basket also contains a little something special. Included in every bucket is a sleeve of our logo Top Flight Extra Distance balls and 18 printed golf tees. A little nutty, maybe, but also a lot of fun!
  • Ultimate Sports Snacker:  If your dad’s a sports fan, this is the perfect present for him! The Ultimate Sports Snacker is loaded with the best snacks to munch on while cheering on your favorite team. Settle in for an afternoon of excitement with some salted cashews, honey sunflower seeds and roasted peanuts in the shell.
  • Tough Guy Basket: Even though dads are usually softies at heart, this Tough Guy Gift Basket will give your pops all the spicy snacks he craves. The combination of Southern heat mix, wasabi peas, corn nuts, Cajun peanuts, and wasabi peanuts won’t leave him wanting more kick, that’s for sure!
  • Extravagant BBQ Gift Basket: Is your dad a lean, mean grilling machine? Give him the day off, and let him munch on some of our favorite barbecue-flavored snacks while you man the grill! The Extravagant BBQ Gift Basket includes sweet and smoky treats such as Kansas City BBQ almonds, BBQ cashews, BBQ corn nuts, dragon mix and hickory beef jerky. We’ve even thrown in some of our amazing dry rub seasoning!

What will you get your dad this year? Check out our selection of Father’s Day gifts for a present he’ll really remember and love!

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