Go Raw With Granola

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We know we have a lot of customers who prefer to eat their treats raw. Of course, we offer a solid variety of raw seeds, nuts and dried fruit that are deliciously easy to munch. However, if you crave something that’s just a bit more hearty, why not give raw granola a try?

Raw granola is similar to the crunchy, oat-laden cereal we all know and love, except that it’s made in a food dehydrator instead of baked in an oven. The result is a crisp, slightly sticky concoction that’s packed with the good stuff. If you’re having trouble feeling satisfied on your raw food diet, raw granola can be a great way to pack in some filling fare without straying from your plan.

Raw granola is typically made of two categories of products: binders and fillers. Binding ingredients are items that help the ingredients stick together. They include items like raw apples, juice, agave nectar, raw honey, soaked chia seeds and raw almond butter. Fillers include raw seeds, nuts and dried fruit.

Typically, you grind up your filler ingredients in a food processor (first soaking the nuts and seeds, if desired), then combine them with the binding ingredients, along with flavorings like cinnamon and vanilla. Spread the mixture in a lined food dehydrator tray and let it go for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the desired crispness. If you dehydrate the nuts and seeds beforehand, the finished product will require less time.

Just like baked granola, raw granola can be customized to suit your tastes. Experiment with different binding agents and fillers until you create a flavor sensation that’s just right. Not sure where to start? We recommend this awesome recipe from Gone Raw, as well as this wisdom-filled article from Suite 101. They’ll have you cooking up a batch of this munchtastic treat in no time!

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