Got a Chia Question?

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Chia seeds are one of our favorite NutsOnline products. They have so many health benefits and such a fantastically nutty flavor that it’s tough not to get hooked!

As chia seeds have gotten more popular, we’ve noticed that we’ve had customers asking some great questions about this product! Here are some of those questions, along with our answers.

Question: Are chia seeds good for me?

Answer: Many health professionals agree that chia seeds have great benefits! Chia seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect against inflammation related to arthritis. Omega-3s can also help shield your body from heart disease. Pretty nifty! Chia seeds have been shown to lower blood pressure, help control blood sugar and even aid in weight loss.

Question: Can chia seeds help me lose weight?

Answer: Chia seeds are quite popular for weight loss. The seeds, which can absorb 10 times their weight in liquids, prevent some of the food that you eat from being absorbed into your system. Because their water absorption turns them into a bulky gel, they also keep you feeling fuller longer. Both of these qualities of chia can definitely help weight loss efforts, especially when paired with a healthy eating and exercise plan!

Question: Do chia seeds help those with diabetes?

Answer: Some scientists do believe that diabetics can benefit from including chia seed in their diets. Chia seeds slow the rate at which our bodies convert carbohydrates into simple sugars. This act can help control and stabilize blood sugar. Of course, if you are diabetic, you should consult with you doctor before starting a chia seed regimen to make sure that the seeds will not interfere with your existing diet and medication plan.

Question: How many servings of chia seeds should I eat a day?

Answer: Two daily doses of about 20 grams each (1.5 ounces total) is what we recommend for the best benefits.

Question: Is there a difference between black chia seeds and white chia seeds?

Answer: Black chia seeds and white chia seeds are essentially the same, nutritionally speaking. The only real difference is the color! Though black chia seeds are more common and generally more popular, some people prefer to bake with white chia seeds because their lighter color makes them less obvious in breads, cakes and cookies.

Question: What makes NutsOnline chia seeds so great?

Answer: Well, speedy shipping and guaranteed freshness, just to name a couple reasons! 😉 We are proud to offer some of the highest-quality chia seeds available at a reasonable price. We buy our chia seeds directly from farmers, so we know how they’re grown. We only offer raw, non-irradiated, non-GMO chia seeds, and all of our chia has been produced without pesticides. We think this gives our chia seeds an edge! They are distinctly nutty and fresh, and are definitely the tastiest chia seeds we’ve tried.

Question: How do you eat chia seeds?

Answer: So many options! Chia seeds can be eaten raw; they’re easy to digest, so they don’t need to be soaked, cooked or ground up for you to reap their benefits. They can also be included in baked goods, such as muffins and cakes, and added to beverages, puddings, hot cereal and side dishes. Check out our chia seed product page for links to some of our favorite recipes!

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