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Grab a Bundle of Gluten-Free Flour

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We’re nuts for gluten-free products at Nuts.com. Our high-quality gluten-free flour is perfect for cooking and baking, and our huge selection of gluten-free snacks, ingredients and baking mixes can’t be beat.

In fact, our gluten-free products are so fantastic that we were recently approved by the Gluten Free Consumer!

If you’re a gluten-free baker, you can’t do better than our gluten-free flour. We love baking with favorites like almond flour and coconut flour, as well as experimenting with flours such as chickpea flour¬†and potato flour. Trying out a variety of flours is a great way to find your favorite gluten-free flour.

We now offer an amazing new product that’s perfect, whether you’re new to gluten-free baking or open to experimenting with new flours and recipes. Our Gluten-Free Flour Bundle includes 1 lb. each of our fabulous almond flour, coconut flour and millet flour. It also includes a copy of the book, “The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide: Part 1.” This wonderful cookbook makes it easy to get started baking mouthwatering gluten-free desserts.

Check out all our fantastic gluten-free choices, including our Gluten-Free Flour Bundle, in the gluten-free section of Nuts.com, and see for yourself just how delicious certified gluten-free products can be! We’re committed to providing our gluten-free customers with products that are incredibly delicious and safe to consume. The result is simply scrumptious!

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