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National S’mores Day has arrived!

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Did you know that today is National S’mores Day? We think this ooey, gooey treat is one of the best summer desserts, and we love to put our own twist on the classic! Our nutty recipe is loaded with the sweet goodness of nut butter and rich, delicious gourmet chocolate bars. It’s perfect for campouts, bonfires and barbecues!

To start, split a graham cracker in half to form two squares, and spread each square with a layer of nut butter. You can use any variety of nut butter that you like! Top each layer of peanut butter with a square of any one of our deliciously sweet chocolate bars. We know that milk chocolate is the traditional chocolate to use, but we especially love making nutty s’mores with Chocolove Dark Chocolate with Raspberries bar. It’s sweet, rich and tart, and the raspberries pair wonderfully with the nut butter!

Roast a large marshmallow over the fire until it’s toasty brown and melted. Place the marshmallow gently on top of one graham cracker half, and flip the second graham cracker half over on top of the marshmallow. Squish the sandwich together, and start munching your nutty s’more!

Do you have a favorite twist on the traditional s’mores recipe? We’d love to hear all about it!

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One Response to “National S’mores Day has arrived!”

  1. melsh9@gmail.com' Melissa

    I make my own nutella with raw hazelnuts from nuts.com (I toast them first) and make smores with it, YUM!


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