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Health Nut Q&A: Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nuts

Our Health Nut and Registered Dietitian, Molly Morgan, answers our customers’ most pressing health and nutrition questions!

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What is the healthiest nut?

It’s a draw! All nuts provide a mix of healthy, unsaturated fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. While some nuts have perks compared to others, overall they are all a healthy choice to include in your regular diet. For example:

  • Brazil nuts are naturally high in the mineral selenium
  • There are almost 50 pistachios in a serving
  • Almonds have the highest calcium content
  • Leading the pack in phytosterols are peanuts

Roasted Brazil Nuts

Plan to eat a variety of nuts to gain the health benefits that come from each different type!

Are raw nuts healthier than roasted nuts?

Yes and no. Raw nuts will typically have a higher content of vitamins and minerals like iron than roasted nuts do. For example: Roasted cashews have 8% of the recommended daily value (DV) for iron compared to raw cashews, which have 10% DV for iron and 1% for calcium. Plus, roasted nuts tend to be slightly higher in total fat content than raw nuts because they are often roasted with oil, such as peanut or other vegetable oils.

Raw Almonds

How many nuts should I eat per day?

How many nuts are right for you depend on many factors, including which other foods you are eating, how many calories you can have per day, how active you are, etc. In general, it is recommended for total fat intake to be 25-35% of total calories per day. With that said, generally one or two servings of nuts per day would likely be a perfect addition to your eating routine. Keep in mind that all nuts contain antioxidants, healthy fats, and other beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fiber!

Check out our recent infographic, Nutty Nutrition Nuggets about Nuts, for more tips and details about a variety of nuts!


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