It’s Game Time! Great Snacks for Football Games

The weather may be cooling down, but football season is just heating up. Put on your lucky jersey and cheer on your favorite team by hosting a game day party for fellow fans (and maybe a few rivals). Put a fresh spin on tailgating by serving some of your favorite sweet and salty snacks during the game.

Guacamole Bites

Don’t worry if you can’t find ripe avocados in October! These crispy guacamole bites are seasoned with natural avocado flavors and just the right blend of Southwest spices.

Black Bean Sticks

Pep up the crowd with these jalapeno-flavored black bean sticks. Each crunchy bite has a hint of garlic, tomato and onion, and you may find yourself fighting over control of the bowl as well as the ball.

Gum Drops

Revisit a childhood favorite — soft, chewy, multicolored gum drops sprinkled with sugar. Your only challenge will be deciding which flavor is your favorite.

Chia Chips

Football game snacks don’t have to be unhealthy to be tasty. Our chia chips taste great and are good for you! Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and they have proven health benefits, including reducing food cravings and blood pressure.

chocolate-covered sunflower seeds Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds

Cover salty sunflower seeds with a hard milk chocolate shell and you have yourself a crowd-pleaser. Put out a bowl of rainbow chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, and watch it disappear in minutes.

Garlic cheese sticks

Real garlic and romano cheese, baked with wheat flour and grains, make these garlic cheese sticks unbelievably flavorful. Serve them with dip or a hot bowl of chili for a tasty touchdown.

What are your favorite snacks for game day?

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