Magnificent Mochi!

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Looking for a new treat? One of our favorite sweets is mochi rice cakes! This sweet, light Japanese dessert is sure to make a splash in your house!

Mochi rice cakes are small cakes made from a mixture of ground glutinous rice, which is a sticky and sweet variety of rice. The mixture is pounded and molded into small, round cakes. Mochi rice cakes are a popular dessert in Hawaii, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, but they are perhaps most well-known in Japan. In fact, these yummy treats are often eaten during Japanese New Year festivities. (But we enjoy them year-round!)

The soft, chewy texture of mochi rice cakes makes them an excellent topping for ice cream and frozen yogurt. They’re also fantastic in cereal with milk!

Be sure to store your mochi in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and delicious. Fresh mochi rice cakes tend to harden or mold fairly quickly if exposed to the open air for an extended period of time.

Besides our regular mochi rice cakes, we also offer rainbow mochi rice cakes and black sesame mochi rice cakes. All three are delicious!

Have you ever tried mochi rice cakes? What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy this unique treat?


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