Spice Up Your Special Event!

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Want to spice up your wedding or special event? We highly recommend that you include some selections from our huge line of red candy in your favors, centerpieces and candy buffets!

We love cinnamon-flavored treats! If you share a similar hankering for these hot, hot, hot candies, check out our sweet cinnamon bears. These cute and chewy gummies aren’t too spicy, but they do pack a refreshing punch. You can also find that cinnamon flavor you crave in old-timey items like cinnamon imperials and Atomic Fireballs.

For a sweeter spin on red candy, try cherry-flavored creations. We love cherry sours, cherry drops and Jelly Belly very cherry jelly beans. Gummy goodies like gummy cherries also take the cake!

Fun and unique red candy includes selections from our huge line of gummy candy, such as gummy red and black raspberriesgummy peaches and gummy strawberries. We also adore all things licorice, including red Australian licorice and red licorice bitesRed Swedish Fish also tend to be a huge hit!

Classic red candy that’s sure to please includes items like red Jordan almonds and red chocolate covered sunflower seedsFrench burnt peanuts and mint balls are also great additions to any candy buffet.

What are some of your favorite red candies?

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