Meet a Nuttiest Nut!

Hi, all you nutty readers! Welcome to the first installment of The Nuttiest Nut, an ongoing series of blog posts profiling some of our most enthusiastic fans.

Our first Nuttiest Nut just loves to share her treats with others!

Our first post takes us to Louisville, Ky. Katy O’Toole’s coworkers say she’s a true super fan, calling her enthusiasm for NutsOnline products “a bit evangelical at times.”  Wherever she goes, Katy brings NutsOnline snacks for the crowd: baby showers, the office, birthday parties, you name it. Thanks to her generosity, she’s even converted several friends into bona fide nuts themselves! Here’s what Katy had to say about NutsOnline:

Question: What NutsOnline goodies are you just nuts for?
Answer: Dried cranberries (juice infused), sprouted nuts, sliced almonds, veggie chips, wasabi peanuts, medjool dates, any type of candied pecan, pine nuts, gummy bears, caramels.

Q.:  What do you typically order from NutsOnline?
A.: All of the above!

Q.: How do you spread the word about NutsOnline to others?
A.: I let my coworkers get in to my stash around 2-3 every day.  There are a LOT of hungry snackers where I work!

Q.:  Do you have any special recipes or dishes that you like to make with NutsOnline products?
A.:  Yes!  I make my own granola at least once a month for use as salad topping and yogurt topping.  I also place an almond in the dates, wrap them with a slice of bacon and bake until all melty and yummy.

Q.: How did you find out about NutsOnline?
A.:  Searching for bulk nuts using “the google.”

Q.: What keeps you coming back for more NutsOnline products?
A.: The fast delivery, the prices, the packaging, and the website itself makes it sooo easy.  Too easy, in fact.

Katy, we crown you The Nuttiest Nut (this month, anyway)!

Do you know someone whose pantry is overflowing with those shiny blue bags? Are they ALWAYS expecting an order from NutsOnline? Do they give NutsOnline products as gifts for every occasion? Have people suggested that maybe, just maybe, this person has a hopeless addiction to our dried strawberries or roasted cashews?

Well, we just might feature them in an upcoming blog post!

To nominate the nuttiest nut you know, simply e-mail us at Kathleen [at] nutsonline [dot] com. Tell us the name and e-mail address of your loved one, along with why you feel they deserve to join the ranks of The Nuttiest Nuts. If selected, your nominee will receive a $10 gift certificate to NutsOnline. (And maybe they’ll share it with you!)

There’s no limit to the number of people we’ll feature, so get your nomination in. Who knows, you might just make your friend a star!

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