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We’re Gaga for Gummies!

We have to admit that we’re partial to gummy candy, but you probably already knew that just from looking at the long list of chewy sweets we offer on NutsOnline.com! We’ve added even more gummy treats to our product line, and we’re not limiting ourselves to bears and worms. We’ve got some truly wacky candy that should satisfy even the pickiest gummy fan in your life.

Some of our super new treats are a bit silly, but they’re great! Gummy bananas are one of our favorites.  They look (and taste) just like the real thing! The gummy lunch, with chewy candies shaped like hot dogs and hamburgers, is truly unique. The freedom gummy bears are a delicious combination of red, white and blue.

We’ve also picked up some more sophisticated candy for true connoisseurs. Our chocolate covered cinnamon bears have just a hint of spice. Our organic sour gummy worms have a puckery sweetness, with no artificial sweeteners or colors.

We’ve added a couple of sugar-free options to our product line as well. Sink your teeth into our amazing sugar free gummy fruit salad and sugar free gummy butterflies. You’l think you’re munching the regular version!

Are you nuts for gummies? What are some of your favorites?

One Response to “We’re Gaga for Gummies!”

  1. Sandy

    I’m not a fan of gummies, but banana gummies are so good. Taste just like banana and I love the texture.Wish I had some.


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