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Mighty Mushroom Powders

If the word “adaptogens” has you saying “adapt-o-what?” we’ll help break ‘em down. In a nutshell, adaptogens are natural herbs that are said to help balance stress levels and boost your overall mood. With our new mushroom powders, adding adaptogens to your everyday routine is easier than ever. Check out how we’re using them with our simple recipes below.

Lion’s Mane Coffee

Chase brain fog away with this easy-to-make potion. Mix ¼ teaspoon of Lion’s Mane into a cup of coffee to soak up its brain-boosting benefits.

Chaga Root Smoothie

All hail the King of Mushrooms, Chaga Root! This mighty shroom may help reduce inflammation and stimulates the immune system. To mellow out it’s naturally bitter taste, we blended one teaspoon into a quick and “clean” spinach and banana smoothie. (Just blend ice, frozen banana, spinach, a ¼ teaspoon of chaga root, and your sweetener of choice in a blender.)

Reishi Tea

Take it easy with Reishi. As a natural stress reducing herb, pairing it with a soothing cup of tea makes a great nightcap. Simply stir one teaspoon into a cup of black tea. For an extra boost of flavor, add a Dried Lemon slice or Crystallized Ginger.


10 Responses to “Mighty Mushroom Powders”

  1. Gail

    The Mighty Mushroom Powders looks interesting, but I don’t see amounts or directions, only ingredients. Is there more to the recipe?

    • Peyton Lutz

      Hi Gail! We included the amounts and directions in the blog post, itself. 🙂

        • Peyton Lutz

          Hi Linda! You’re already here. 🙂 You can find everything you’re looking in the article above.

          • Justin

            Where are the measurements then? I only see words, no numbers, so I understand what she’s asking.

          • Peyton

            Hi Justin! We recommend adding 1/4 teaspoon of Lion’s Mane to the Lion’s Mane Coffee or 1/4 teaspoon of Chaga Root to our Chaga Root Smoothie. We also recommend mixing 1 teaspoon of Reishi to the Reishi Tea.

  2. Debbie

    Hey Nuts…thanks for sharing about the mushrooms…I’m already familiar with them but always enjoy reading a new post about them, especially when there’s a recipe involved :)…

  3. Mary C. Andrews

    I am looking for ways to use beet powder. I ordered it for smoothies but have no idea how much to use. One teaspoon, one Tablespoon or 1/2 cup?

    • Peyton

      Hi Mary, Great question! Beet powder can be used in a ton of fun ways. You can add a few teaspoons to soups, dressings, sauces and even drinks! As a rule of thumb, one beet is equivalent to one teaspoon of the powder. 🙂


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