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Join the Nuts.com Bake-Off!


Calling all nutty chefs! The first Monday in April (April 2) marks the start of National Bake Week – and kicks off our National Bake Week Bake-Off on Pinterest!  Enter photos of your recipes and have them re-pinned to win a $50 Nuts.com gift certificate.  All it takes is three easy steps!

Step 1: Create a Nuts.com National Bake Week Bake-Off board on Pinterest.  Be sure to follow Nuts.com on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/nutsdotcom/).

Step 2: Pin a photo of the recipe you’ve created with at least one ingredient that we feature on Nuts.com.  Also, pin a photo of the ingredient from https://nuts.com.  Include the hashtag #nuts.com on each of the pins.

Step 3: Share your board with us by posting a comment on the original contest announcement pin (http://pinterest.com/nutsdotcom/national-bake-week-bake-off/), along with a link to your board so that we can follow your re-pins.  If you have trouble adding the link, please email your photo to anne@nuts.com and we will post it to our board for re-pinning.

Official rules:
– You must follow @nutsdotcom to enter.
– The bake-off begins at 4/2/2012 1 AM EST and ends 4/20/2012 at 11:59 PM PST.
– Each pin must include the hashtag #nuts.com.
– Winner will be announced 4/24/2012.
If you have any questions, please email anne@nuts.com

7 Responses to “Join the Nuts.com Bake-Off!”

  1. Bonnie

    How do you pin a photo of your receipe if you don’t have a website to pin it from? Or is this only open to those that have websites?

    • The Nutty Scoop

      Hi there, Bonnie! If you look in the upper right corner of your Pinterest homepage, there’s a button that says “Add+.” If you click on it, it’ll give you the option to “Upload a Pin.” From there, you can upload your photo from your computer and pin it! Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Bonnie

    Thanks. LOL left my recipe out and it got eaten without picture, should have checked back sooner.

  3. Ilena Ayala

    Maybe I missed it, but is the winner just randomly selected from the entries? (I’m not seeing any requirement to actually post a recipe for evaluation – just a photo.)

    • The Nutty Scoop

      Hi there, Ilena! We will give the prize to the person whose photo is repinned the most. Sorry that wasn’t clear in the post! And we just need you to pin a photo of the dish you created, along with a photo of the Nuts.com ingredient you used. No recipe required! Don’t forget to share your board with us and include the hashtag #nuts.com on your pins! 🙂

  4. Betsey

    I’m guessing it’d have to more be baking than candy making and I can’t enter my white chocolate fill dinosaurs?

    • The Nutty Scoop

      Hi there, Betsey! Your dinosaurs would be a welcome addition to our contest! Post away! 🙂


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