Nibble Some White Chocolate Winners

Today, we’re going to take the time to savor some smooth, sweet white chocolate treats. Why? It’s National White Chocolate Day, and by now you know that we’ll seize any opportunity to break into our store of sweets!

White chocolate, which is a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids, isn’t true chocolate because it doesn’t contain chocolate liquor, but that doesn’t stop us from thoroughly enjoying it! It offers a nice break from ultra-rich milk and dark chocolate blends, and pairs really nicely with light, berry-based desserts as well as pumpkin-flavored treats that are so popular in autumn. In fact, one of our favorite treats to make for Thanksgiving is pumpkin cream cheese truffles, a delightfully rich and spicy dessert.

Of course, if you’re not up for a culinary adventure, we’ve got your back. NutsOnline offers a pretty fantastic assortment of white chocolate-drenched goodies, and we love to share!

Our decadent white chocolate almond bark is an old-fashioned favorite, with whole, crunchy almonds coated in silky, sweet white chocolate. Out white chocolate toffee cashews are uniquely buttery and rich. If you crave a little something different, our white chocolate gummy bears offer a sophisticated twist on a childhood favorite.

If you crave something that’s delightfully sweet and just a bit healthy, look no further than our white chocolate chip almonds, cashews and cacao nibs. This sprouted nut mix, tossed with agave and cacao butter, makes for a delicious treat that’s loaded with the live enzymes and nutrients that make nuts so delightfully good for you. Looking to save your sweet tooth? Sip on some of our white chocolate coffee, which has a smooth, distinctive white chocolate flavor.

What are some of your favorite white chocolate nibbles?

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