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Nuts.com’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Discover delicious gifts that everyone on your list will love! Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy for you to find perfect treats for the special people in your life.

1) Custom Trays (Prices vary)

Surprise someone with their favorite nuts, dried fruit, snacks and other treats! Choose from a selection of more than 150 goodies, which we arrange nicely in a gorgeous wicker tray. These custom trays make a delightful gift for anyone who loves snacking! Available in medium and large sizes, they’re also perfect for serving at gatherings.

Sandy's Fruit Tray

2) Box of Winter Wonderland ($39.99/box)

One of our most popular holiday gifts, this festive snowflake box is packed with 4 pounds of delicious snacks! It includes salted almonds, butter toffee pecans, salted pistachios in the shell, mint chocolate espresso beans, dried apricots, peppermint malted milk balls, dark chocolate cashews, and red chocolate covered sunflower seeds. This gift is sure to make its recipient smile.

Box of Winter Wonderland

3) Peppermint Wonderland Tin ($19.99/tin)

This classic silver tin unveils over 1 pound of our signature chocolate peppermint bark. The decadent treat is made with thick slabs of milk chocolate and white chocolate, generously covered with peppermint candy cane pieces. This minty-chocolate delight is a seasonal favorite that’s only available this time of year so be sure to enjoy some before it’s gone.

Peppermint Wonderland

4) The World’s Finest Mixed Nuts ($32.99/tin)

For the nut lover in your life, this classic tin arrives packed with 2 pounds of our roasted and salted mixed nuts. These plump and premium-quality nuts are some of the best you will ever taste. It’s a fresh and crunchy mix of cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, and hazelnuts. This is also a great gift for the health nut in your life because nuts are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, and minerals.

The World's Finest Mixed Nuts

5) Snowflake Bliss Tin ($29.99/tin)

Open this beautiful wintry tin to reveal over 2 pounds of yogurt covered snowflake pretzels with sparkling silver sprinkles. These unique and delectable yogurt snowflake pretzels are a holiday treat we look forward to every year. They’re a delight to look at and a joy to eat!

Snowflake Bliss

6) Royale Gift Box ($29.99/box)

Treat someone like royalty this holiday season by surprising them with this gorgeous royale gift box. It’s packed with 3 pounds of delicious snacks and treats, including our pistachios, almonds, dried apricots. gummy red and black raspberries, dark chocolate espresso beans, and chocolate covered almonds. These goodies arrive in a lovely box, all tied up with a ribbon.

Royale Gift Box

7) Gourmet Christmas Basket ($89.99/basket)

This huge gourmet holiday basket is sure to make anyone’s taste buds dance. With nearly 8 pounds of delicious snacks packed inside, this gift basket has something for everyone. Chocolate cashew clusters, roasted pistachios, sesame sticks, jelly beans, tart cherries, mixed nuts, gourmet chocolates, and dried figs are just some of the treats it includes.

Gourmet Christmas Basket

8) Nutty Sled ($39.99/sled)

This Santa sled is a festive addition to any coffee table or counter. The best part is that it comes with 4 pounds of delicious treats including pastel chocolate cherries, caramel twist, mint cookie malt balls, power mix, trail mix, roasted almonds, roasted pistachios, and honey cashews. You can even leave these treats out for Santa on Christmas Eve; they’re the perfect remedy for a case of the munchies.

Nutty Sled

9) Gourmet Chocolate Covered Trio ($25.99/tin)

Impress the chocolate lover in your life with this shiny decorative tin of chocolate covered nuts and raisins. It features almost 2 pounds of premium milk chocolate covered almonds, cashews and raisins. Our customers say this gourmet chocolate covered trio is a big hit among gift recipients! We wouldn’t blame you if your order one for yourself, too.

Chocolate Covered Trio

10) Sweetheart Box ($39.99/box)

Show your sweetheart just how much you care by sending this lovely gift box of delicious treats. The charming arrangement features 3 pounds of sweet indulgences and healthy snacks. It includes our aphrodisiac mix, milk chocolate gummy bears, supreme mixed nuts, pistachios in the shell, and berry mix. Your loved one will surely enjoy everything!

Sweetheart box

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