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Glazed Fruit for Your Holiday Baking Needs

The holiday baking season is well underway, and for us, glazed fruit is one of those staples we always keep in the pantry this time of year. Sugary, moist and flavorful, our glazed fruit selection is your one-stop spot for making fruitcakes, baked goods, and even savory dishes.

1) Glazed Red Cherries

These stunning whole glazed red cherries look gorgeous atop a fruitcake or any baked treat. Our most popular glazed fruit item, these delicious cherries are a necessity for the holiday baking season. Plump and sugary, you may be tempted to eat a few while you’re preparing your delectable goodies for the season. We also have glazed green cherries, and the combination of the two is a lovely idea for Christmas treats.

2) Glazed Mixed Peel

A mixture of diced glazed fruit, this selection includes our orange peel, citron peel, lemon peel, cherries, and pineapple. Glazed mixed peel is a big part of what lends fruitcake its gorgeous mosaic of colors like red, green, and yellow. You can also use this jewel-toned blend of candied fruits in cookies, scones, and other baked treats.

glazed mixed peel

3) Glazed Diced Citron

Fresh citron can be hard to find, but our glazed citron brings the sweet citrus fragrance and flavor right to your kitchen. Panforte, the traditional Italian fruitcake, just wouldn’t be the same without glazed citron. The fruit’s thick, aromatic rind imparts a wonderful citrus appeal to your baking. It also has a dazzling yellow color that looks charming in holiday treats.

4) Glazed Orange Peel

Our customers love using these sliced glazed orange peels in Christmas puddings and holiday fruitcakes. They bestow your baking with the signature flavor of orange and the sweet goodness of glazed fruit. Glazed orange peel complements the flavor of chocolate ever so nicely, but is a fine addition to any treats. We did the chopping for you with our diced orange peel, which you can easily toss into the batter for baked goods.

Glazed Orange Peel

5) Glazed Pineapple

These succulent glazed pineapple rings are a must-have for pineapple upside down cake, and also work with savory dishes like ham. We have glazed pineapple wedges for fruitcakes, breads, and other baked goodies. If you’d like to mix the colors up, feast your eyes with colorful red and green pineapple chunks. This sugary fruit lends a tropical flavor to your baking with the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

What are your favorite treats to make using glazed fruit?

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