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Nuttier Than a Royal Wedding?

Though fruitcake might have a nutty reputation here in the United States, today’s royal wedding may have revived its popularity. According to this article in The Wall Street Journal, Kate Middleton chose a floral-themed fruitcake with cream and white icing frosting as her official wedding cake. This news has triggered a small boom in U.S. fruitcake sales, with many bakeries seeing business that they usually only get around Christmas.

If you’re inclined to give fruitcake a chance in honor of Prince William and Kate’s big day, why not make it from scratch? Though the glazed fruit used in fruitcake may only be available in your local grocery store during the holiday season, we offer a wide variety of glazed fruit year-round (along with the premium nuts and flours you’ll need to create a yummy fruitcake of your very own). Make sure to pick up some glazed mixed peel, glazed red and green cherries, and glazed pineapple to give your cake the authentic look and taste.

Every chef’s fruitcake recipe seems to differ slightly, but we have a couple of favorites. Alton Brown’s Free Range Fruitcake is quite simple to make, and incorporates all the flavors of a traditional fruitcake. White fruitcake has a milder flavor and doesn’t necessarily need to age as long as other recipes. This Christmas Fruitcake recipe from Cooking Light has fewer calories and less fat than most recipes, and it incorporates yummy dried fruits and nuts such as currants, figs and pistachios.

Do you have a special fruitcake recipe that you plan on getting out in honor of the royal wedding?

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    • The Nutty Scoop

      We do, too, Elizabeth. A well-made fruitcake sure is something special!


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