Health Nut Q&A: Snacks for a Salt-Free Diet

Our Health Nut and Registered Dietitian, Molly Morgan, answers our customers’ most pressing health and nutrition questions!

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Q: I had heart attack about a year ago and my cardiologist has told me that I must eliminate salt from my diet. I really like nuts for all of their nutrition, and I was wondering whether there are any salt-free nuts that you’d recommend. I lean towards a vegetarian diet and am on a moderate weight loss program that includes a reasonable reduction in caloric intake and moderate exercise (using an exercise bike four to five times per week). – Michael 

A: Good news! offers many types of nuts (and other products, too!) with 0 milligrams of sodium (aka salt) that can help you stick to your no-salt diet, as prescribed by your cardiologist.

As you navigate around the website, look for nuts that have “roasted, no salt” or “raw” in the description. These varieties will typically have 0 milligrams of sodium. To double check the nutrition facts of the item before you order, scroll down to review the nutrition fact panel on the left-hand side of the product page.

You might also consider combining nuts with dried fruit, which goes great with nuts and often has 0 milligrams of sodium, too. After your bike rides, have a small handful of sodium-free nuts and a small handful of dried fruit to refuel your tired muscles.

Dried fruit with 0 milligrams of sodium:

Nuts with 0 milligrams of sodium:

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