Sample Some Seeds

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We’re nuts for nuts around these parts, but have we ever mentioned our love of seeds? Seeds are just as fun to munch, and pack some serious nutrition. We love to eat them for snacks, sprinkle them on salads, stir them into yogurt, add them to bread doughs and desserts, and even make delicious batches of pesto sauce using seeds as the base instead of pine nuts. We think you’ll love the versatility that seeds have to offer!

One of our favorite varieties of seed is the ever-popular sunflower seed. Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein that may help lower your blood pressure. They’re fantastic in salads, such as classic carrot and raisin salad and pasta salad. We also think no batch of homemade granola would be complete without the nutty flavor of sunflower seeds. Of course, sunflower seeds also come in handy at outdoor events such as baseball games. Grab a stash of sunflower seeds in the shell for a tasty snack that’ll give you a little boost without filling you up. You can even make homemade sunflower seed butter using raw or roasted sunflower seeds, a little oil and a pinch of salt. Just process the ingredients in an food processor until they’re the right consistency, and store the sunflower seed butter in the fridge for up to a week.

Pumpkin seeds also top our list of favorite seeds. Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, have a delightfully rich flavor that is delicious in baked goods and cereal. We think there’s just about nothing better than a batch of pesto made with raw pumpkin seeds and cilantro instead of the more traditional pine nuts and basil. Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are nutritional powerhouses. High in protein, phosphorus and iron, these sweet little seeds are perfect for punching up your diet plan. You can even use pumpkin seeds in brittle recipes to make a peanut-free version of the classic treat. Trust us, you may not want to go back to the original recipe!

What are some of your favorite varieties of seeds to snack on and use in recipes?

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