Take a Crack at These Almonds

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If there’s one thing the Braverman family loves, it’s a new way to enjoy our favorite treat: nuts! After years of hunting, we’re pleased to report that we’ve added to our product line the most perfectly delicious almonds we’ve ever tasted.

Our brand-new roasted almonds, which are salted and roasted in the shell, are amazing. (In fact, we have to force ourselves to stay away from the shipments so that we have enough left to send to our nutty customers!) The almonds are roasted and salted to perfection, and the crisp, thin shell easily cracks in your hand. No need for nutcrackers!

These almonds are perfect for picnics, which we think makes them the ultimate snack for summer. Just throw some in your bag and go! And, if you have family members and friends who are allergic to peanuts, these roasted almonds are a great treat that they can enjoy right along with you at baseball games and other outdoor events.

We highly recommend that you give these almonds a whirl today. But, you’d better hurry. We’re not sure how much longer we can resist the temptation!

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