Try Some Homemade Easter Goodies

Hippity hop hop! Easter’s on its way this weekend, and we’re ready to whip up some super-special treats just for the occasion.

Now, we enjoy our fair share of store-bought Easter goodies, but we also like to make some homemade delicacies. Here are some of our new favorites.

1) Peanut butter eggs: Have you ever tried making peanut butter eggs from scratch? Well, neither had we, until we realized how fun and simple it is! We love, love, love this recipe.

2)  Crispy Easter nests: This yummy dessert is part Rice Krispies treat, part coconut candy. It’s incredibly delicious with our premium shredded coconut and colorful assorted Jordan almonds.

3) Easter candy bark: Could there be a better way to enjoy your favorite Easter candy than packing it into a yummy bark? Though this recipe calls for a variety of candies, you could really use anything that strikes your fancy. We love to add chocolate covered sunflower seeds and speckled robin eggs to the mix!

4)  Chocolate pudding cookies: These yummy chocolate cookies include a healthy helping of our favorite speckled robin eggs. They’re incredibly delicious, and perfect for all members of the family!

5)  Carrot cake: Carrot cake is a fantastic way to round out a delicious Easter meal. We love this recipe from Eating Well, especially because it features our walnut pieces so well. Scrumptious!

Do you have any favorite Easter dessert recipes?

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