Yummy New Treats from Nuts.com

Cherry Yogurt Pretzels We’re always on the lookout for enticing new products to add to our nutty selection, and we are very excited to tell you about some of the new treats we now offer! Your sweet tooth will always be satisfied with one of these incredible sweets: cherry yogurt pretzels, champagne bubbles, Jelly Belly Jewels, jumbo gummy bears, and sea salt caramels.

Cherry Yogurt Pretzels

Mini salted pretzels drenched in a sweet and fruity coating, these cherry yogurt pretzels instantly won us over. We were very eager to welcome this salty-sweet treat into our family of assorted pretzels. Cherry is just one of those familiar flavors that works well with so many foods, and these cherry yogurt pretzels are no exception. We are certain these crunchy treats will become an instant hit on your list of favorite snacks.

Champagne Bubbles

For a touch of elegance, these Jelly Belly champagne bubbles are the perfect way to impress guests at your special celebration. The champagne bubbles are white grape flavored jellies coated in tiny white nonpareil “bubbles.” They not only make gorgeous wedding candy favors, but their white grape taste is also incredible. Champagne bubbles look lovely in a candy buffet, or as a centerpiece, but they are also delicious for enjoying straight out of the bag!

Jelly Belly Jewel blueberry Jelly Belly Jewel

On the topic of elegant (and yummy!) treats, Jelly Belly Jewel jelly beans have a beautiful shimmer coating that adds a sweet touch to any occasion. We are excited to add the Jelly Belly Jewel flavors of berry, blueberry, cream soda, bubble gum, very cherry, and sour apple to our collection of jelly beans. And these aren’t just for special celebrations either – Jelly Belly Jewels are a great anytime treat to feast your eyes and taste buds.

Jumbo Gummy Bears

Love those fruity and adorable gummy bears, but just wish they weren’t so miniature? Our jumbo gummy bears are just that – a much larger version of traditional mini gummy bears. They come in the same classic fruity flavors, but are just the right match for your mouth.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Sea Salt Caramels

Sink your teeth into one of our sea salt caramels and you will completely lose yourself in this heavenly treat. Our milk chocolate sea salt caramels are already a customer favorite of fresh and buttery caramels dipped in smooth milk chocolate and sprinkled with a dash of sea salt. We also have enticing dark chocolate sea salt caramels. These sweet indulgences will take your taste buds to paradise!

Which of our new treats do you look forward to trying?


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