Vegan Daikon Noodle Ramen

This vegan daikon noodle ramen recipe was developed exclusively for and our customers by the talented Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova. This mother-daughter team share their ideas about tasty and nourishing cooking on their website, Golubka Kitchen.

Ramen is a deeply satisfying Japanese dish consisting of a powerful, meat or seafood-based broth full of umami, as well as textural noodles and various add-ins. This Vegan Daikon Noodle Ramen is my plant-based interpretation, with a nice balance of comforting and refreshing flavors.

Instead of ramen noodles, I shape daikon radish into noodle-like strands using a julienne peeler and cook it in boiling broth as I would any pasta. This method lightens up the dish and makes it entirely gluten-free, and you won’t deprive yourself of the cozy act of slurping up noodles.

Broth is arguably the most important element of ramen, and many ramen shops are known for their specific broth formulas. Since ramen broth is full of loud, intense flavors that result from stewing meat or seafood, recreating an equally flavorful meatless version can seem challenging. Thankfully, the plant world offers plenty of ingredients full of deeply savory flavors.

In this recipe, I employ a combination of fresh and dried mushrooms, hot pepper, ginger, garlic, miso, and’s magical umami powder (consisting of concentrated versions of all the aforementioned ingredients) to create a full-bodied broth.

Black garlic is another amazing ingredient to have on hand for quickly adding savory flavor to all kinds of dishes. It’s made by consistently heating whole heads of garlic over the course of several weeks, which results in something similar to roasted garlic, but even more earthy and caramelized in taste. Though it’s an optional ingredient in this dish, black garlic is so worth a try, and adds another dimension to this incredibly satisfying, nourishing ramen.

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